How do you know when roof needs replacing?

A major storm can cause significant damage to your roof that may be hard to identify.

Your Home and Roof Damage

A storm can cause significant damage that makes your home roofing inadequate to protect against the elements. Neglecting these damages can only result in bigger and more costly damages as well as the potential for a complete roof replacement. If you think your residential roofing has sustained any amount of damage, do not hesitate to reach out to OnePro Roofing. We can help inspect your property for any damage and we’ll help repair it as well. Call us today at (321) 354-1600 to schedule an appointment to discuss roof damage in Winter Park, FL.

Roof Damage From Storms

Most roof damage will commonly occur during and after a storm. Between wind, hail, and other debris, your roof can go through quite a bit. That’s why it is so important to schedule an inspection quickly after a major storm. Licensed roofers will be able to check for any substantial damage that your roof may have suffered. If you’re wondering why you can’t do the inspection yourself, it’s because roofers are trained to look for the hidden damages. Any homeowner can look for the clear and obvious signs of damage like missing shingles or dented gutters. But there are certain things that aren’t visible to the naked eye and those the things that most roofers are trained to look for.

Leaks are tell-tale sign that there is some amount of damage to your roof.

Signs of Roof Damage

After any major storm, it is highly encouraged to contact a roofing company to schedule an inspection. The inspection is to look for any potential damages. Doing so can make sure you stay ahead of small problems so they don’t become costly damages. That being said, any roof damage effects are different for every home. For your roof, contact OnePro Roofing to complete a roof damage inspection to look for things like:

  • Cracked/curled shingles: Older or damaged shingles will appear dry and cracked or will be curling away from the roof.
  • Wet or soft shingles: Damaged shingles can’t effectively keep moisture out which means that it can get trapped and cause water damage.
  • Granules everywhere: A tell-tale sign for new shingles is in the granules. If you find piles of them in your gutters or around your home, your roof is in need of an update.
  • Splits: Areas around protrusions like chimneys, vents, and more can crack and split with time. They are easy fixes, but can also be easy to miss.  
  • Blistering/peeling paint: Poor ventilation means that water and condensation can build up. This can result in exterior paint peeling or blistering.
  • Water stains: Discoloration and stains on the interior of your home could suggest a leak or roof damage of some kind.
  • Sagging: Roof decking or fascia that is sagging is a clear sign that somewhere, part of the structure is damp from moisture.

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance check for your roof throughout the year. Regular maintenance can help protect your roof from serious damages during a major storm. Don’t neglect the other parts of your home though! Make sure to have regularly scheduled AC maintenance in FL as well. Maintaining your property will make sure that you don’t have to pay for costly replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you know if you have roof damage?
    • Leaks are sure sign of roof damage. Loose granules in gutters, curling shingles, and sagging fascia are other examples of obvious roof damage.
  • How do I know if my roof is leaking?
    • Brown or dark spots on your walls/ceilings are a sign of leaks as are peeling or blistering paint.
  • How do you know if your roof is sagging?
    • The rafters in your attic are no longer standing straight, but are starting to sag downward. You can look for the sagging in your fascia if you don’t have easy access to your attic.
  • How do you stop a leaking roof?
    • Start by covering the damaged or leaking area with a tarp. Then contact a reliable roofing company, like OnePro Roofing to expertly repair any leaks in your roof.
  • Does insurance pay for new roof?
    • Insurance will cover roof leaks if they are caused by a covered peril. To define a covered peril, contact your insurance provider. You can always file a roof damage claim after a storm though.
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